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Social Share Videos

These short social media videos are from advocates in some of the many countries in Europe that take part in World Obesity Day. You can click on them to view them or share them by clicking the share icon. They can be shared on facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or by email.

Ömrüm Aydin, NVOO, The Netherlands

Alina Constantin, Ligue contre l’obésité, France

Carina Jørgensen, Adipositasforeningen, Denmark

Christian Stenz Petersen, My Identity with T2D, Denmark

Colinda Van Laarhoven, The Netherlands

Diana Maria Castillo Serrano, Amici Obesi Onlus, Italy

Dominique Durrer, Eurobesitas, Switzerland

Elsa Ruffieux. Eurobesitas, Switzerland

Federico Luis Moya, Abhispalis Nacional, Spain

Hana Vrabcova, Slovak Coalition of People with overweight and obesity, Slovakia

Hanen Samouda, Obésité Luxembourg,

Iris Caterina Zani, Amici Obesi Onlus, Italy

Johnny Lamb, ECPO, Scotland

Ken Clare, ECPO, UK

Maibrette Scmidt, Adipositasforeningen, Denmark

Marion Rung-Friebe, Adipositas Verband Deutschland e.V. Germany

Lis Muller, Luxembourg

Natasja Wijling, The Dutch Association for Overweight and Obesity (NVOO), The Netherlands

Nicci, United Kingdom

Sandra Keulaerts, The Netherlands

Susie Birney, Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity, Ireland

Mario Silva, APCOI (Portuguese Association Against Childhood Obesity), Portugal