1st Spanish Summit for People Living With Obesity

Spain is preparing the first national summit for people living with obesity to mark World Obesity Day Europe. This event will highlight the need for more comprehensive care of obesity based on the latest scientific evidence and the importance of having patients at the center of all healthcare decisions.

Lectures and round-table discussions on these hot topics:

  • Need for a global change in the obesity management
  • New doctor-patient relationship 


March 3 2023

From 9 am until 2 pm


Hospital Clínic de Barcelona 

Live Broadcast: Living with Obesity in Spain

Spain will also mark this important date with a live broadcast event supported by ECPO.

This will be an informal talk between a Patient and a well-known international obesity researcher with a particular focus on the challenges for people living with obesity in Spain, being weight stigma from society (including healthcare professionals) the most common.

Hot topics:

  • Where and how is weight stigma affecting patient lives?
  • Are children and teenagers living with obesity suffering more nowadays than in the past?
  • What can people living with obesity do to achieve change?


March 4 2023


Free online event. Find out more info at