United Kingdom

Podcast: Living with obesity in the United Kingdom 

Obesity UK will launch a podcast to mark World Obesity Day 2023 about a very special topic: the importance of peer support groups for patients and also for researchers. This groups represent an opportunity for researchers to share their findings with group members and to listen to the voice of lived experience. On the other hand, additional support from peers is key to people living with obesity understanding of the disease, specially in least heard communities such as muslim ladies and LGBTQ+. 


Ken Clare, Obesity UK Volunteer and Public Involvement Lead of Obesity Institute at Leeds Beckett University. 

Guest Speakers:

Jim Fullan, Obesity UK support group participant

Professor Louisa Ells, Co-Director of Obesity Institute at Leeds Beckett University

Cllr Hannah Bithell, Coinvestigator & Community Engagement Lead for LGBTQ+

Dr Halima Iqbal, Research Lead for the South Reast Asian Muslim Ladies group and Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bradford

Date: March 3

Place: Online https://www.obesityuk.org.uk/