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2022 Grant Recipients

Eurobesitas and Perceptio Cibus, Switzerland

For the production and publicity of a video to draw attention to the stigma often experienced by people living with obesity. It highlights a better approach that should be followed by medical professionals.

The film was released to coincide with World Obesity Day Europe 2021 and received widespread media and social media attention.

The Association for the Study of Obesity on the island of Ireland (ASOI) and the Irish Coalition for People living with Obesity (ICPO)

For the organisation of an online event with a live host and pre-recorded sessions. It involved 50 people living with obesity and 20 professional obesity healthcare specialists. In addition, the two organisations conducted an extensive social media campaign which put them in the 5th and 9th position in the top 10 most active social media influencers on World Obesity Day.

Obesity UK

To help strengthen training resources for volunteers, particularly in mental health first aid, recognising distress, and helping members.

The Slovak Coalition of People with Obesity and Overweight (SKLON)

For a variety of events they organised during the weeks leading up to World Obesity Day, including free-of-charge activities in cooperation with the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic (ÚVZ SR), the Slovak Society of Practical Obesitology (SSPO), the University of Health and Social Work of Saint Elisabeth, the Slovak Nordic Walking Association, STOB lecturers, Phoenix zdravotnícke zásobovanie a.s., Kompava Company, and sports instructors.

Stop Obesity (STOB) from the Czech Republic

For the organisation of daily online physical activities with 2,450 people taking part, and an online conference with opening remarks by the Deputy Minister of Health. They also organised online consultations, with 28 experts from STOB.